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Hazel Blake

Author portraits

Suzanne Visser, author and publisher, by Hazel Blake 2023

Hazel's story

There have been 3 paths to my destination as a portrait photographer.  Firstly drawing and art were my childhood refuge. From an early age all I wanted was to be an artist, but my parents forbade it and insisted I get a proper job, and so I did. 


In my mid life I got a camera and my love affair with beauty began. I photographed amazing scenery and then began candidly photographing the communities in which I lived.


In 2016 at 56 yrs old I signed up for a Digital Art course – using photographs to composite stories and I attended a workshop with American Fine Art Photographer Brooke Shaden. Brooke is an artist making conceptual fine art using herself as a model. She is young and beautiful, and it seemed to me therefore it was easy for her to make beautiful art. I started trying to do the same but felt completely overwhelmed with feeling too old, too fat and definitely not beautiful enough.


Persisting; I strived to find a way of putting myself in art, which led me to learning about portrait photography. My self-portraits started out very painfully. But throughout the year I gradually uncovered myself. I was encouraged by a growing number of followers who saw me as courageous and leading the way. My portraits got more and more revealing, and a very magical thing happened - I begun to see my own beauty. Firstly it was just parts of my body, but eventually I took a portrait that I totally adored.  Fat and 57 – I had finally revealed my real beauty to myself.


It was then that my life paths converged. The artist within me finally stepped up, the love of a camera as a medium seemed the obvious choice and I finally had the skills transferable to help other people.


I have been blessed with a big overweight body all of my life, and I say blessed because it has finally become a gift. It now helps me to do what I do now, because I painfully know what it feels like to not be comfortable in your own skin. I know what if feels like to hide yourself, not wanting to be in any photographs and to know how disappointed I will be. My passion has now grown into to helping all people see their unique magnificence.

So now I am a portrait photographer, artist and body image campaigner, creating magazine-worthy branding images, heirloom portraits and artistic expressions for people. I have a deep desire to help everyone see their PERFECT UNIQUENESS and access more self acceptance and confidence.

I specialise in portraiture; which means people can rest assured that they will always look great, whether it’s their contemporary or business portraits. I provide a fully customised, immersive and often transformative experience.


There isn’t a bigger joy in the world than to touch someone else’s life, in a way that helps them transform it. Knowing that you had a small hand in that, wow! What better job is there! With portraits I have a chance to make a real difference and I love that!


My photo sessions encourage you to be yourself, appreciate yourself, change the way you see yourself.


2020 Internationally Accredited


The Portrait Masters USA.



Albany Chamber of Commerce

South West Region (WA)



In person participation - Phoenix Arizona 2019



The Portrait Masters - (ongoing)

            Bronze with Distinction – 17 

            Silver – 2

Art Not Waste – Denmark WA 2016



Women’s Leadership Forum,

     Albany Chamber of Commerce, WA 2018

Epic Photography Conference Geelong VIC 2018

Smart Chics, Denmark WA 2017



2016 Back to Back – Denmark WA

2023 Wise Women’s Legacies -  Broome



Somerset digital Magazine 2016

Awake magazine 2016

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Alice Springs, Northern Territory

+61 421 061 660

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