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The carpetbaggers of Mbantua by Shan

In Alice Springs one can reinvent oneself. This is exactly what Hank Jefferson needs. His wife, Bettina, disagrees. Hank settles in Alice Springs nevertheless and learns about the local art trade from Blue, a local Aboriginal man. Bettina's revenge does not work out the way she intended it to...

The dark world of the art trade in Alice Springs is described in this novella. Although they are located a short distance from town now, the painting sheds still exist. Carpetbaggers are still roaming at dawn.

Available at:

Or order it at your local bookstore: ISBN 9780645707403


Shan is working on an epic novel written as a memoir titled Women!

She is the rock star of the modern memoir

In the same league as Karl Ove Knausgård

Book one: Crying Mothers

Book two: The Spirit of the Fox

Book three: Journey to the Edge of the Earth

Shan hopes to complete it in 2024.

Photo: Jeremy Stigter.

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