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Marks on paper: Essays on drawing, looking and seeing

In “Marks on Paper”, Suzanne Visser presents a collection of short essays that delve into the intricacies of drawing, seeing, and looking. Through her philosophical lens, Visser challenges readers to question their assumptions about perception and reality.

Drawing on her years of experience as an artist and writer, Visser offers a sharp and deep exploration of the creative process, inviting readers to consider the act of drawing as a powerful tool for self-discovery. With poetic and practical insights, she examines the role of attention, intention, and intuition in the artistic process.

At its heart, “Marks on Paper” is a meditation on the human experience of perception and a call to embrace the richness, complexity and strangeness of our visual world. With its thought-provoking essays, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in the arts, philosophy, or simply the art of seeing.

About the author

Suzanne Visser, a legal scholar, is an accomplished Australian writer, known for her fiction and non-fiction. She has authored an ever-growing body of works covering a diverse range of topics. Her bestselling thriller, The Fish Murders, has been translated into four languages, gaining widespread recognition for its gripping plot and vivid characters.

Visser’s independent research work on crime in rural Australia in The Elephant’s Tooth is widely regarded for its high academic quality, contributing significantly to the field.

Visser has been recognized for her exceptional writing skills in several languages and her ability to combine a sharp intellect with a deep understanding of human psychology.

Residing and working in Alice Springs, Visser continues exploring new writing and research areas. Her works are known for their philosophical insights and the profound depth of their explorations.

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