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Patricia May

Tasmania, Australia

About the author

Patricia has lived three lives.The conventional one she was born into and which informs her first novel, Unmasking a Marriage. It is set in a small conservative country town in South Western Australia, similar to where she grew up.  From there, she realised her romantic teenage dream of becoming a secondary school teacher and marrying her farmer.  

Her second life, meandering intuitively around Central Australia and the East Kimberley, was filled with adventures, challenges, people and places, working with and for remote Indigenous communities and organisations. It was in the middle of nowhere, aka the middle of everywhere, that she met her second husband, who has been her partner in life, professional colleague and travelling companion ever since.

Currently living between Alice Springs and Tasmania, she is now happily immersed in her third life of indulgent geriatric eccentricity. She is passionately concerned about the state of our planet and the declining health of its population. These inspire her research into Environmental Sustainability, Regenerative Farming and especially the role of real foods in an Ancestral Diet in supporting physical and mental health and reversing chronic disease. Her second novel will entwine this knowledge with many of the cross-cultural lessons and experiences that have inspired her meaning-of-life reflections and professional redirection to creative writing.


About the book

Unmasking a Marriage

In Unmasking a Marriage, Sal finds herself feeling unexpectedly content during her stay in hospital. The routine, care, and attention she receives is all she needs to turn her back on home and release herself to the possibility of a different future. Embracing her new freedom, the novel takes a haunting turn.This exquisite exploration of contrast delves into the complexities of identity, purpose, and the meaning of home. As she navigates her way through her own desires and the expectations of others, readers will be entranced by this

emotionally resonant story.

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